Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Peeing with Santa

"We never talk anymore."
"No, don't mom me."
"It was nothing, really."
"You know I'm a humor blogger, you have a conversation with Santa Claus in the mens room and neglect to tell me.? It's unforgivable."
"I'm sorry, won't happen again."
"Exactly! How many people can say they pee'ed with Santa. You're going through life with blinders on kid. What did you talk about anyway?"
"He hates the beard, it itches."


ReformingGeek said...

YIKES! I'm actually glad Santa wasn't really in there with him.

Sue said...

No, he was really there. Names and places have been left out to protect the innocent. LOL!

Leeuna said...

That's the way of it. Nobody tells us about all their good experiences so we can blog about it, until it's outdated. I'd be mad at him too. :) (You still got a funny post out of it though.)