Sunday, July 25, 2010

WalMart's making me retarded, big surprise

It's the out the entrance, in the exit thing again. Seriously people, the doors are clearly marked with an EXIT sign and an ENTRANCE sign. They use capital letters and everything. When I'm pushing my shopping cart full of provisions and trying not to slosh my mocha, because losing any of that precious liquid would be a crime, get the hell out of my way. Today on my way out, the EXIT, I had to wait for a steady stream of people to enter the exit. I put on my best very aggrevated face and kept glancing at the EXIT sign. None of the retards caught on.
Then I got my chance to leave, finally. I grabbed my keys and started for my car. I'm so blogging about these morons when I get home.
Pretty sure my car was up this row.

Can't these people read?
Maybe if I use my key chain button I can hear my car beep.
It's common sense, one door is in and one door is out.
I hear faint beep, where is that coming from?
I guess I should be use to it by now.
I'll lift my hand in the air and push the button several times.
It happens every time I'm hear, which is, I hate to say, more than once a week.
Where the hell is it?
I forget stuff I need and have to make a return trip.
That beep is coming from the left.
"Ma'am, your car is over there."
"Thanks." Oh God.

That guy is probably blogging about the Walmart retard wandering around the parking lot pushing her cart, holding her mocha and frantically pressing her key chain button in every direction because she can't find her car.


Jaffer said...

I know ! Isn't that so annoying
I mean the doors are clearly marked in White on Blue Letters.
And then there are those moments when the battery has to run out in the keychain

ReformingGeek said...


I think our WallyWorlds gave up and have huge doors on both ends of the stores. It's always a steady stream of retards.

;-) said...

We live in Amnerica and we drive on the right side of the road, so people alwys stream to that side when when walking. Why do they have the entrance and exit on the opposite sides, dah???Ccuz Carol

Unfinished Rambler said...

Really, there's an in and out door at your Wal-Mart. Wow. Ours is just one set of doors for everyone -- er, at least, I think it is. ;)

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a child with special needs I just can't get over how offensive your blog is. What's with using the word retard? Are you thinking it's making you look young and hip? Unfortunately it has quite the opposite effect. The word retard is a slur. It hurts people with special needs. It dehumanizes them. When you get some time from your busy day at wal-mart check out the words pejorative and ignorant.
Give me a person with special needs any day over someone as offensive and clueless as you.
I apologize in advance for being so harsh but this really got to me.

Sue said...

Jaffer! I haven't seen you since FarmVille, how are you?

Carol - Sometimes I just stand and watch with amazement how clueless they are.

Cousin Carol - I never thought of that! Thanks for commenting here!

UR - Ummmmm, yeah the set of doors are for everyone.

HannahJ - I have always believed that God gives us what we can handle. Obviously you are a strong, patient and caring person. While I don't envy you, I admire you. But unlike you I do not associate the word retard with special needs children. I associate the word retard with stupid, lazy people. Sorry if you find my blog offensive. It's a humor blog, here to make people laugh. Nothing more than a bunch of words put together. Words can not hurt you if you don't let them. Thank you for reading my blog, if it continues to offend you, don't read it. It's just that simple.

newbuffalomom said...

I think the problem is that both the exit and enter have the sensors on both sides so you can use either door

I know I'm guilty of using whatever door happens to be in front of me.