Monday, March 14, 2011

When things go missing

"Why is the dog's tongue blueish/green?"
This snapped Boy #3 to attention and he crawled into the dogs little house. All you could see were his butt and his feet.

Can we just go off topic for a minute? Of course we can, it's my blog.
The fact that Boy #3 dove into the doghouse cannot be ignored. Both of his older brothers were in the vicinity and they could have easily gave him a swift kick in the butt and locked him in. Like they've done before. I really don't know how Boy #3 survived his childhood. Anyway my baby exhibited bravery far beyond the call of duty. I just needed to point that out.

He emerged from the doghouse with a chewed pen, only half of it.
"Ah, that explains the discoloration. See if you can find the other half. Please let it be in there."
Once again he emerged, "Dad, here's you spare keys. I found the rest of the pen."
"I guess it's time to get rid of that old comforter in there, she has it ripped to shreds, too many hiding places."
The dogs sanctuary, her little place to go unwind after a long hard day of neighborhood watching, is where our old comforters go to die a slow painful death. She's a comforter killer, sometimes she gets them before their time is up. She has a thing for the stuffing, she guts them.
When things go missing her house is the first place we look, it use to be Boy #2's room. His room is the second place we look for all things lost. He's a non-returner, a keeper of all, he loses things. The husband has him putting up a deposit on the tools he borrows and I didn't feel the least bit guilty sending him out in the cold late at night to buy me tape so I could finish my Christmas wrapping. He's got to have about 27 rolls of tape in his room somewhere.

I guess you can say we had a productive Sunday. The dog only ingested ink, not plastic, she has a new pillow in her house, the husband has his spare keys and Boy #3 didn't get locked in the doghouse. I don't ask for much.


00dozo said...

I can totally relate with you - not about the kids, but about the dog. Our new poopettes seek out and destroy any cusion or pillow containing the fibre filled stuffing. Oh, and they got into two boxes of tissues the other day - oy, what a mess!

Sue said...

00dozo - Yes, the tissues, she loves the tissues too. As of this morning her new pillow is still intact.

ReformingGeek said...

We had dogs that ate their plastic swimming pool. I don't think they cared for stuffing. Those turkeys!


MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love stories about what brothers will do to each other. Mine tried to kill me with a baseball bat once, and I broke my thumb punching him in the face. I had a hole in my bedroom door from the bat for years afterwards.


Sue said...

Carol - That's a little bit scary, eating a swimming pool.

Mike - Boy #2 broke Boy #3's arm when we were on vacation, we were only there for 15 minutes, yeah memories.