Friday, April 29, 2011

"Take Away Your Driver's License Conglomerate"

If I couldn't be a writer, if for some reason I had to stop pursuing my dream, I would then create a job for myself and I'm sure I could get people to sign up with me. We would be the "Take Away Your Driver's License Conglomerate."

From Post Office to bank to McDonald's (don't judge me) I was almost hit by a car twice. A time period of less than 10 minutes, cause I drive fast. These two people didn't even look my way and I wasn't even using my invisibility cloak. They just didn't see my medium size CAR.

What would happen in a situation such as this if I were the leader of the "Take Away Your Driver's License Conglomerate" is I would immediately slam my portable siren on the roof of my car, just like Starsky and Hutch, and take off after them, in a high speed chase if necessary. I imagine we would need some stinking badges. We, meaning those I have recruited. Isn't it wonderful, you are a part of a plan that I'm making up as I go along, you're watching it unfold before your very eyes? It's always good to have a back up plan and my brain cells are firing on all cylinders today.

Along with our portable sirens and stinking badges we will carry compact, heavy duty shredders, for the drivers license's we will be confiscating. We will shred them on the spot, drop their car keys down the nearest sewer and tell the ex-driver to call a cab. That'll teach 'em, that'll teach 'em good. Who's with me?


Yes, I get very cranky when I almost get in a car accident because the driver isn't paying attention.


ReformingGeek said...

YIKES! I need that. We just had that happen to us on the way back from dinner. The driver was on the phone, racing into a parking lot were trying to leave. She stops, tries to turn then changes her mind and screams at us though her open window.


Sue said...

Carol - It's happening more and more to me and I'm getting pissed.