Friday, April 12, 2013

That old lady smell

I'm not dissing old ladies, some day I will be one God willing. But I'd like to put it off as long as possible. So I need to know what that old lady scent is so I don't inadvertently buy one of it's products. I'm rather sensitive about my age at the moment.
Oh and just to let everyone know if you have a party for me I will kick you till your dead. Most of my friends and family know what expensive gifts I want but if you need a list just ask.
WalMart, you plethora a blogging fodder, I love you. I turned the corner to go down my next aisle and ran smack into a old lady smell cloud. Whoa. She had just come up the aisle I was going down. And on my way down she left a trail of her scent lingering in the air, dissipating the further I got. It isn't an unpleasant smell it's just one associated with old lady. Somebody has to know what these old ladies are dousing themselves in each day of their lives. And I need to know. I will await your responses. Thank you.

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ReformingGeek said...


I mean Little-Old-Lady and Hahahahaha!

I'm so glad my mom and mother-in-law are scentless!

Next time, approach the LOL complimenting her perfume and asking her what scent it is. Write it down on your NO list immediately!

Do you wonder if they don't feel like bathing so they spray themselves to try and hide the body odor and if smell is anything like hearing, um......