Friday, May 31, 2013

Because I'm a dork

I had on my Arrested Development t-shirt while shopping today. On it says, "There is always money in the banana stand." I loved that show, have been watching the repeats, somehow trying to see season 4 but I don't have Netflix. Boy #1 and daughter-in-law #1 bought the t-shirt for my birthday. Yay.
Let's get back to WalMart, sorry. I'm wearing the t-shirt, we've established that but it's an important part of the story. I find myself in the produce section. I look over the bananas and place a small bunch in my shopping cart. I look at the bananas. I look at my t-shirt. I look at the banana display. I repeated this several time before I say, "How ironic."
I started to linger at the Banana Stand. Do I ask a complete stranger to take my picture? How about this employee stocking onions? I knew I would kick myself if I didn't get a picture. I decided if I saw someone I knew then the stars have aligned, the moon was in the seventh house and I was meant to have my picture taken in WalMart, with my Banana Stand t-shirt, next to the banana display.

As soon as I made that decision I started on my way to the check out and there she was, Sarah. A young lady my kids went to school with, a poor unsuspecting kid that was going to take my picture with a pile of bananas. I just sort of lead her away from whatever she was doing and explained to her not to worry, I do this all the time. Because I'm a dork. I also looked for the scene on You Tube, but couldn't find the entire one and didn't feel like looking real hard.  Thank you Sarah! I have a new essay published in Imperfect Parent. Very exciting. I you could please click the link and then click their little Face Book icon so they think I'm popular. I would really appreciate it. Here!


ReformingGeek said...

Ah geez. I thought your shirt said, "There is always HONEY in the banana stand." I kept looking for the honey. Then I noticed something that looked like a book in the banana stand. Hum....that's different.

Because I'm a dork.


Suzanne said...

Carol, WalMart doesn't know where to stick their books so they display them with the produce. Need I say more, nah. Only makes sense at the WalMarts.