Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Bedford High School Class of '81

In the late months of 1962 and early months of 1963 the Bedford High School class of 1981 was born. At that time our worlds revolved around whoever was changing our diapers and feeding us, most likely our parents. We grew in the confines of our family and once they trusted us to listen to their rules and regulations they opened the back door and said,
“Go make some friends.”
We did as we were told and our little worlds expanded. Then one day they put us on a bus and we were told,
“Go learn something and make some more friends.”
The community had several different grade schools and your geographical location determined which building you entered for the next 7 years. Unless you were one of the few, like me, that were sent to toil under the wrath of the nuns in Catholic school. We all did our 7 year sentences and widened our group of friends. We knew there were others like us in different locations and as the years went along we would actually meet some of them in the 7th grade. There were two junior high schools waiting for us to converge, half of the community in Moody Junior High and the other half in Heskett Junior High.
When they opened those doors for us we were now 2 groups of pimple faced, wide eyed, know it all Junior High School students waiting for the day we would be one class. And in 1978 we, the Bedford High School Class of 1981 were all under one roof. While navigating our new surroundings we formed new friendships. We joined groups, both academic and athletic. We had three years to make our mark in Bedford High School. Some of us excelled and stood out, while others blended in. We became bonded whether we wanted to or not, we were the class of ’81, forever joined through fate.
When we graduated we vowed to stay friends. Then we scattered, some off to college, others joined the work force right away. Some of us married and had children. Others moved out of state, joined the military and we lost some along the way.
This year we turned 50, unbelievable but we are all 50 years old. On August 3, 2013 some of us got together and had a big birthday party for ourselves. It was a great party and so wonderful to see my classmates. We were slowly drawn together throughout our adolescence and will be for the rest of our lives. I am happy to say I am a part of this fine group of people. From the day we held hands walking into our Kindergarten classes to the day we hugged and cried after we threw our graduation caps into the air, we are one, we are the Bedford High School Class of 1981.

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ReformingGeek said...

Lookin' good - almost as good as the Bowie High School Class of 1980. :)