Tuesday, February 20, 2007

FARVEL CARGO has Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing

for only $9.25
We have 6 packages of 12" pieces each:
- 2 packages of 1/8" tubing, 9 pieces in each package. Eighteen 1/8" x 12" pieces.
- 2 packages of 3/16" tubing, 8 pieces in each package. Sixteen 3/16" x 12" pieces.
- 2 packages of 1/4" tubing, 7 pieces in each package. Fourteen 1/4" x 12" pieces.
They shrink to half their diameter and can be used for insulating bare and frayed wires.
You can also purchase only 2 packages of each size for the low price of $3.25! Just take at look at our wagglepop STORE!

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