Monday, February 19, 2007

VOTE for Farvel Cargo's FUNNY T-Shirt

Okay go to T-ShirtCountdown:
To VOTE for our t-shirt, which is currently number 27 in the "Funny T-Shirt" Catagory.

All you do is click our link above ^.
That will take you to the second page of the Funny T-Shirt Catagory, look for the picture that I've placed in this BLOG, it's title is "Under Surveillance, (just act normal)" It looks like someone has pinned a note to the back of a poor unsuspecting victim as a practical joke!
At the right of the picture is a link that says VOTE for this t-shirt, click that and then a box will come up that says VOTE FOR UNDER SURVEILLANCE, click that and your done!
And we say THANK YOU for VOTING!!

Please check out our links to the right of our BLOG.

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