Monday, July 23, 2007

I got caught in the rain!

Not that Northeast Ohio has had a lot of rain or anything, but damn! I took the dog for a walk Thursday evening because she had been stuck in the house all day.
Because of RAIN!
The sky was clear so we took off for a long walk. We were a half a mile away from home, I looked at the sky and saw dark clouds rolling in fast.
I consider walking the dog a time to get away from the house, relax, get some exercise, you know time to myself.
So I leave my cell phone at home.
The only thing in my pockets where a dog bone and a potporri scented poop bag.
The rain drops started. I was about to get some exercise all right, how about a little jog in a pair of flip-flops and dog with her tail between her legs!
The rain started to fall in buckets and the wind whipped up leaves and dirt. There were open garage doors that I actually considered running into. We settled for a big tree to stand under!
I know, it could have been struck by lightening and fell on us, yada yada.
I had no where to go!
I always tell who ever is home the route I plan to take when the dog and I go for a walk. Thank God I have that much sense!
We were only under the tree for a few minutes when my darling husband came to our rescue! We were soaked to the bone, dripping wet.
My husband says, "Wow, that came out of nowhere huh?"
Me, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" I think I might have said something about my Night in shining armour, I don't know. I was just happy to be out of the rain, so was the dog!
The husband pulled in the driveway and took the dog from my lap and said "I got her." I said thank you again. The two teenagers were in the house and I'm pretty sure they didn't even know I was gone.
I slushed into the house and stood dripping in the doorway. The dog was surrounded by the husband and the teenagers all armed with towels. Each drying the dog while talking baby talk to her.
My husband, you know the Night in shining armour, said, "Someone get your mother a towel."
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