Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Careless Screw-Up

If I'm not careful, I'm going to be looked upon as a careless screw-up. My children will start nursing home shopping earlier than they should have to, my husband might take my checkbook away, work might put me in the basement office and mom and dad will change the will.
Last week I ate leftovers that were leftover too long, missed a day of work and that's about all I'm willing share about that horrific day. Sunday I stayed at the pool to long and now I'm beet-red, the peeling should start in a couple day. That's going to be attractive. I almost missed Father's Day. I thought it was 2:00 and it was 3:00, made the mistake of telling mom that. So I showed up at the door with a Father's Day present and a can of baked beans.
After I stop glowing, I'll have to redeem myself somehow.


Silly Willy and Fluffy said...

Carumba!!! Lucy I'm home!!!......
Come to you're Cuban Uncle !!!What you did to your skin? You look like a Panama lobster. I eeeeeeeee!

Signed Your Ricky aka Silly Willy

Ann said...

(laughing) Oh no Sue, You're becoming me~ I don't know why some days are like that- Thank you for sharing what you were willing to share...(LOL)

I hope things get better, fast.

Hang in there,


Sue said...

Uncle Silly Willy, I'm old enough to know better than to fry myself, but I did enjoy my day alone at the pool!

Sue said...

Ann, things are much better! I'm too much of an airhead lately to let things bother me. LOL!