Saturday, June 07, 2008

Excuse Me? Where's The Midol?

Is it just me? Can WalMart make it a little easier to find the Midol? I had a long list when I walked into WalMart yesterday, but the first thing on it was Midol. I couldn't find it. My aggravation level grew at an alarming rate. Chocolate was going to be piled high in that cart later. Frustrated and ready to ask just about anyone the where abouts of the Midol, I heard the pharmacy chain-link garage door going down. Dear God they're closing and the knowledge I sought, closing with them.
"Excuse me? Hello?" I waved my hand grasping for someone to notice me. I grabbed the attention of a woman and yelled, "Where's the Midol?" And didn't care who heard me. She actually came out of the chain-link pharmacy cage and took me to my relief. On the bottom shelf for goodness sakes!


Jaz said...

Extremely typical for Walmart. They seem to think that we have all day or night to search out the one thing we went in for. Yes, I agree that chocolate would be piled high if they keep that up. Uh, of course they would do that if the chocolate consumption went up. DUH!!! I need to rethink my strategy here. :)


Ellen said...

I'm glad I don't have to take that stuff anymore. Sue...I tagged you for a meme....that is if you want to play.

Sue said...

Yes jaz, I believe WalMart is toying with our PMS! My WalMart is under construction so nothing is ever in the same place week to week.

Sue said...

Ellen thanks for the tag!