Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pre-Marriage Advice

Mom sat me down before I got married and said, "Honey?"
Oh God.
"When your husband asks you what you want....."
How do I stop her?
"You make sure you tell him jewelry. Don't let him buy you a set of beer mugs for Christmas. Always, always say jewelry."

Feeling like I dodged a bullet, the conversation really didn’t register until the morning of our first Christmas together. After opening my presents I realized what mom was trying to tell me. Ask for jewelry and you won’t get his and her beer mugs from your husband.


BernardHNY said...

Pre-Marriage advice? If you even have the slightest concern that the person might not be the best person for you, or you see things that make you wonder, don't do it. Even if you have spent countless dollars getting ready, buying a dress, reserving a hall...don't do it. Worse mistake you can make is marrying someone who you realize is NOT going to make you happy. It happens all the time, don't ignore the warning signs.

Sue said...

In case you haven't noticed bernardhny, my blog is a humor blog. Designed to make you laugh. I don't give out advice nor do I take it. My husband and I have been married for 23 wonderful years! Kill the bug up your ass and learn to laugh!