Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Birthday Haul!

This birthday today has made me realize that my children actually listen to me. Maybe they have selective hearing but they know what mommy wants! I have, as you can see in the picture, an ample supply of chocolate and a container of Fuel Injection Cleaner. Boy #3 knows the way to a happy mom is to keep her chocolate stash well stocked. Boy #2 remembers a conversation we had in the car one day about my gas hog SUV. Boy #2 also brought home a hanging flower basket. Boy #1 brought me a hanging flower basket for the other side of the porch and a gift card, so I can buy some clothes for work. My love of chocolate does not go unnoticed by my parents either, today they stopped over with a chocolate covered strawberry as big as my fist.
My brother, on the other hand, one ups his birthday cards for me every year. I should have been meaner to him when he was shorter than me.

The front of the card from my dear brother says, Happy Birthday Mom.................
On the inside it says, Oops!! I mean Sis!!! Every year it gets harder and harder to tell you two apart.

His birthday is not until December, but I will be starting my search for the perfect card now.

I hauled in some good presents this year, being close to Mother's Day is a plus, double presents. I went out with my gift cards today, BY MYSELF, and bought a new pair of jeans for Casual Friday, three tops, a pair of pants and new shoes. I'm going to have to go bra shopping again, because these two black with red pin strip bra's are going to show through some of my spring/summer wardrobe.

And the presents keep coming! As I was editing this post the wonderful husband came home with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries. He made them himself at his sisters house. I'm probably not going to fit in the new clothes I just bought.


Connie said...

Happy Birthday! You sure did get some great presents. Wanna share the chocolate?

Kim said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you got a great haul!!

Sue said...

Thank you for the "Happy Birthday" wishes ladies! I might share a little of my chocolate! LOL!

Charles said...

That sounds like a nice birthday. Your brother is hilarious with that card too, I'm going to try to find something similar for my sister when the time comes for sure~

It's kind of funny that you like the same sort of candy that my mother always has. Whoppers, M&M's and those little chocolate "turtle" things, she likes peanut M&M's though haha.

Also, Happy (late) Birthday!