Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Humor on Hold

Sunday morning we woke to the news that a local Police Officer was shot and killed on a routine traffic stop. Josh Miktarian was keeping my community safe, he was keeping my family and me safe, for that I am grateful beyond belief. It takes a very special kind of person to put themselves in harms way.
I ask for prayers and some kind thoughts for this special man and for his wife and three month old daughter.
Our community is in shock. Flags fly at half mast and flowers are piling up where Josh was gunned down, I pass by it everyday. The gunman is claiming self defense, Josh's gun was never out of his holster. While our community mourns we also hope for justice.


Politi Gal said...

Sad...after having read your somber post, my thoughts are with his wife, right now I'm sure she's devastated but numb as she begins that terrible trek though the stages of grief.

Truly sad to loose someone like Josh, and you are right about the kind of special person it takes to put one's life on the line to protect their country or community.

AmyOops said...

that is heartbreaking. My hubby is in the law enforcment field, and i could never imagine. thoughts are prayers are for the family

Babs (Beetle) said...

What a terrible thing! I find it so scary, that killing seem to be 'Par for the course' now days. So tragic.

Ellen said...

Wow...how sad!! It's becoming a monthly thing here in Dallas. I can remember in the past when police officers were hardly ever killed and now these days it happens way to often.

Sue said...

Thank you for your comments ladies.
Josh was laid to rest Friday. Our city was literally closed down, he was the first officer ever to be killed in the line of duty in Twinsburg.

GumbyTheCat said...

I live in Akron, and it's always devastating when you see this kind of senseless and horrifying news. This is why I'm pro-death penalty.