Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Can't Think of a Witty Title

The dog thinks she's a cat. She lounges on top of our couch, guarding the neighborhood. And for some reason she's oppose to any other dog walking down the sidewalk. Doesn't particularly like skateboarders either.

I used up my big word allotment over at the other blog, View of Sue today. I wasn't sure which blog to put the post on, since the post was entertainment related it ended up there, but could have been posted here also, so I linked it.

Also while dropping my EntreCards I ran into a post on No Crappy Crap that freaked me out and I thought I'd share. Follow it's instructions.


Atniz said...

Yeah.. you're right.. the dog is behaving like cat.

The Natural State Hawg said...

I'm looking at my rat terrier sitting on back of my couch right now. He does it all the time. Sticks his head out of the curtains and barks at whatever happens to be moving outside.

Gets annoying, huh?

The Natural State Hawg

Condo Blues said...

My dog does the same thing. Normally he like to guard our backyard by looking out of the patio door. I think he switches to guarding the front yard because the back of the chair in front of the windows is more comfy than the floor by the other door.

Sue said...

Well at least she' not the only confused dog. They're so damn cute though, aren't they?