Monday, August 11, 2008

The Goofier Side of Life

One of the goofiest memories of the husbands and my marriage was the day (way back in the day) we had our brother-in-laws over, they were helping us put up new kitchen cabinets. Star Trek was on, because we're Trekkie's. Not the new Star Trek, we are purest, the original Star Trek where most of the cast is dead, half dead or Price Line negotiators. The episode that was on that afternoon was the one where the aliens took Spock's brain. Having seen it before we went about our work glancing at the television occasionally. Never missing a beat or drawing attention to our nerdness.
My main job that day was to keep the kids out of the way, I was in the living room changing a diaper (I told you, way back in the day) and watching the TV. Before I knew what I was saying it came out, "Dear, they're putting Spock's brain back in."
"Oh." Before he knew what he was doing he put his tools down and joined me in the living room, leaving our brother-in-laws to stare after us. Their mouths hanging open in utter amazement. They then looked at each other as if to verify that they had just seen and heard the same thing. Both of them cocked their heads to the side, grinned and stored the information away for future use. Boy they use that information often, weddings, picnics, birthday parties, even at a funeral once.
We all just attended a wedding Saturday night so that goofy moment in history is fresh in my brain.


Karen said...

OH my gosh. That is hysterical. Yep, good ammunition for many years to come. LOL

Karen said...

Hey, you are blog of the day over at PPP. Hope you get lots of comments! Have a great Friday.

Shirazi said...

Ya, better for for future.

Anonymous said...

So how does everything work - watch?

Sue said...

Holy Crap! The blog of the day and I missed it! I haven't been online all weekend, my baby got married Saturday! Thanks for letting me know Karen!

Carol said...

Um, I don't see anything wrong with what happened. ;) Live long and prosper! LOL

Sue said...

Carol! You Geek!
That is illogical.


yuthink said...

thats ok, I still get pretty involved in the show and i've probably seen all the episode 2 or three times.

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