Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stubborn Took on a Whole New Meaning

"I white-hot hate school clothes shopping for you with every fiber of my being. I've told you that before, right?"
"Yeah, but you've never put it quite that way."

This is the conversation Boy #3 and I had on our way out of the mall, that and where to stop to eat. Since he was about 4 years old, no maybe 3, stubborn took on a new meaning for me. Once in K-Mart my mom and I had to wrestle a screaming 4 year old into a winter jacket to see if it would fit. We literally had to hold him down on the floor to try a pair of shoes on his feet. I would have to distract him while getting him dressed in something new. Still hanging in his closet is the cutest little polo shirt with plaid shorts and suspenders, size 4T, never worn, because he had a fit when I tried to get him to wear it.
Now at the wonderful age of 16, he will only shop at one store.
"You're not coming in here with me are you?"
"Who else is going to make sure you have enough room in the crotch, honey?"
When I get old and can't take care of myself, I'm living with him. It's in my will.


Karen said...

LOL You are a saint. Don't they drive you crazy sometimes? Silly kids. Teenagers are hmmm different to deal with. Keep reminding yourself they will grow up. LOL

family insanity said...

I have that issue with my eleven year old girl now. I suspect shopping will be a "living hell" I will relive often --- my wife insist I go shopping with her so no escape for me.

Oh did i tell you, my little girl wants to know if she can shave her legs.. oh brother..


Sue said...

Karen I have one more kid to drag through high school. Then, I told him he can buy all the freaky clothes, with his money, that he wants.
Where can I pick up a sainthood application? LOL!

Sue said...

Hey Bill do yourself a favor and get your daughter into a school that has uniforms!

Anonymous said...

The last sentence set me off laughing

Sue said...

Thanks broadway matron!