Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"We don't have power, the cars in the garage and it's electric, so we can't get out."

Occasionally a sentence you hear from a breaking news interview on the radio sticks with you and you have to share it, make fun of it and then blog about it. After a storm blew through Northeast Ohio Monday, several communities found themselves without power, ours just went out for a minute then everything came back on except my computer, I'm using the husband laptop until Boy #3 fixes mine, cross your fingers with me.
Tuesday morning I'm listening to the radio and hear something stupid, "We don't have power, the cars in the garage and it's electric, so we can't get out."
Seriously read it again, "We don't have power, the cars in the garage and it's electric, so we can't get out."
Even I know how to get out of the garage when the powers out. Apparently this guys meandered along in life without knowing the rope that hangs from your garage door opener can disengage the electricity and render it a manual garage door like in the olden days. I hope he doesn't try to use that on his boss.
Besides a computer with a blue screen we have a tree down in the yard. The husbands stoked about it though, he gets to use the trailer he bought for his John Deere. Now on Saturday he will drag the boys out to the yard and chain saw stuff, load his trailer and haul stuff. He's also been waiting for a good strong wind to knock down some dead tree limbs that he can't reach. Not wanting to pay someone to remove them and unable to reach them at the top of his ladder while swinging a shovel at them he's been waiting for Mother Nature to take care of them. They survived the storm and the perfectly good tree cracked off about half way up. Mother Nature is an indiscriminate bitch.
My time will be limited on the computer until I can drag this kid away from his friends long enough to help his poor mother.


ReformingGeek said...

YIKES! Beware of eager husbands bearing chain saws!

That is hilarious about the garage door. I know how to use the handle and open it but I always have to think a minute in order to remember that dang rope!

Yes, Mother Nature is downright cruel.

Skye said...

Hahahaaaa, that is hilarious! There was actually someone who used that excuse for why she didn't show up for exams in college. Stupid part of it was that her hydro went out with her garage door open! Do ya think she was just trying to skip the exam in order to be able to find out the questions and cheat? lol jk, of course she was!

Nooter said...

offer the boy cookies to fix your computer

Anonymous said...

There are many free standing garages that have no windows or access doors. When the power goes out, it is a fortress until power is restored.

Our garage on our last house was a prefab garage, with two skinny windows and no access door. It did have the rope that was supposed to attach to the outside handle, but I never did.

It was hell hoisting my boy though the skinny window so he could unlock the garage.

A lesson learned living in Youngstown, Ohio.

Lunatron (aka Jamie) said...

Ooooh, power tools. I'm drooling.