Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's what I get for wearing white after Labor Day

Gulping down my beloved mocha yesterday in between phone calls at work, I got a little careless and spilled. This sent me into a frenzy. My favorite white, long shorts, with the embroidery and beads at the bottom of the legs had mocha spots on them. Damn. Damn it.
Risking unemployment, I left the phone unattended and ran to the ladies room. Constructing a story as I went. The office is primarily men so any mention of tampons shuts them up quick. That was going to be my story if needed. I don't like to use the tampon card unless absolutely necessary, one doesn't want to reduce it's effectiveness, you know?
Vigorously I pumped pink soap out of the dispenser in the ladies room onto 1-ply C-fold paper towels and scrubbed my mocha spots until my entire left leg was soaked. Away from the phone as long as I dared, I soaked more 1-ply C-fold paper towels and brought them back to my desk. This will have to do until I can get to the Shout and scrub brush, I thought.
I spent the rest of the day obsessing over my mocha spots and smelling like pink ladies room soap. This event re-enforced the law of never wearing white after Labor Day for me, never again will I throw caution to the wind and break fashion rules. My tampon card remains intake for now.


My mother-in-law is doing a little bit better. Thank you everyone for wishing her well!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it's wearing white after Labour Day to blame so much as having to go to work at all. I'm sure if you didn't have to go to work, that would've never happened... or... if it did, you'd not have to use pink ladies room soap.

Blame work. Put your donation button in the post and tell people if they'd donate, you would never have to go through that again! (It's their fault then of course...)

I'm off to look up what you said your MIL has. So sorry to hear it... hugs to you and your family!

ReformingGeek said...

Your as so brave in your white shorts. I'm glad you didn't have to play your card. ;-)

Nooter said...

so do tampons work on mocha spots or not, im still not clear on this.....

Jeff said...

If you had suddenly left your desk to go to the bathroom at my office, we would have just told you to make sure you turn on the fan.

Leeuna said...

White after Labor Day! I'm rigid with shock! tehehe.

We women do have an unfair advantage with the tampon card. Ain't it grand.

Glad your MIL is on the mend. Hope she continues to improve.

Skye said...

Ah the joys of Cappaccino's, they do tend to have a problem of staining clothes when not careful with them! But that whole "no white after labour day" bs, it's exactly that, BS. I wear white whenever I feel like it :D

Bee said...

Now I want coffee and want to wash my hands.

My male boss goes through our desks so I brought in a couple of tampons because I know it freaks him out.

Jamie said...

Though the staining of the white shorts was a tragedy, the risking of the tampon card was a gamble, the wet leg and pink-soap smell was a discomfort... the spilling of perfectly good coffee borders on a crime. :)
I'm an addict, so maybe my view is tainted a bit.

Continued well-wishes for the Maw-in-Law.