Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Boy #3 did his grocery shopping yesterday. Living with a diabetic has taught us all to hide sugar. That's why he does a little light shopping on his own. If I locked him in his room, I'm guessing he could survive about a week in there. I asked him to buy dog bones, we were dangerously low on them and I don't want to have Nooter report me to doggie social services. He came home with Nut-tastic dog treats.

Nut-tastic. That name is so fan-effing-tastic.

The husband came home and saw the jar, picked it up and said, "Nut-tastic!"
Boy #2's girlfriend blurts out, "They're for the dog."
The husbands eyebrow went up and he looked at me, "Huh." I said, "She's known you less than a year and she's figured out you're a moron."
"I see the dog on the jar, I know they're dog treats."
"Oh, then maybe she overheard some diabolical plan to put them in a candy dish and watch you eat a few before anything was said, maybe."


My mother-in-law's initial diagnosis, Stevens Johnsons Syndrome has been changed to Bullous Pemphigoid, equally as awful and has begun to progress aggressively. We call the husband a moron in fun, we know he's hurting, he's worried about his mom.
Thank you all for your well wishes.


Oh and there's less than an 80% chance that I'd ever lock Boy #3 in his room.


Candice said...

Ha! Bailey loves those things even though they get stuck to the roof of his mouth.

Good news about your MIL.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

OK. I guess the Moron gets a pass. Hope all goes well with Mom-in-law.

Lunatron (aka Jamie) said...

Why those Nut-tastic treats look goober-licious! Continued well wishes to the maw-in-law.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

That's a Nut-Tastic post! Thanks for the smile.

Nooter said...

oh i go nuts for nuttastics !! yum!! i especially like when the human hides them one at a time around the house and i put on my csi lab coat and sniff them out !!!

good luck to your family too, okay?

Anonymous said...

Hi, enjoy checking in on your blog. Healing wishes for your Mother-in-law. Julie

Anonymous said...

What the hell, I'd pass them off as an exotic pizza topping.

Hey, they have to be better than anchovies.

Relax Max said...

They do sound good though. :)