Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm just here to observe

"Curling's on!"
Boy #3 was the first to join me, "Awesome, are we going to try to figure it out this time?"
"I don't think so. Remember how I told you I thought my brain was getting bigger?"
"Well, I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that."
Boy #2 joined us, "Curling's on! Who's winning?"
"It looks like the Americans, their little flag in the upper left hand corner has 4 and the other little flag has 2."
"What inning are they in?"
"We don't know."
Girlfriend #2 sat down on the couch, "Is this the Olympics?"
"It's only Olympic Curling." We all rolled our eyes at the same time. "What's the object of this game?"
The husband got home just as we were about to try to explain rocks and sweeping.
"Curling's on!"
"Are they trying to slid that thing in the bulls-eye at the other end of the ice?"
"We think so, pretty sure."
"The sweeping...... I don't get it."
"We don't either. But look at them sweep, they're fast."
"Why are you watching this?"
"We can't not watch it, it's Olympic Curling."

For the next hour we sat mesmerized by the ice sweeping and the strategic slid of the "rock" sometimes called stones. Never knowing when the game was going to be over, never knowing who was getting a point or why - good times.


ReformingGeek said...

Yeah, but do the broomsticks fly?

Leeuna said...

Hahaahaa. You sound like me. Wayne was watching it and I was like..."uh, what IS the point???"

Sue said...

Carol - It's a common mistake to get Harry Potter and the Olympics confused. As far as I know Curling broomsticks are grounded.

Leeuna - There is a point there somewhere but I refuse to figure it out.