Saturday, March 06, 2010


It's the best ringtone ever and I have it. The first time it actually went off on my phone I was at work with several co-workers in the immediate area. It was great, I jumped up and down, "Do you guys hear it? Isn't it awesome?" There was some eye rolling and I think someone called me a retard.


I answered it. It was my doctor. He could have told me I had three months to live and I would have been still giggling, maybe.
"I have the results of your blood tests, you're not a diabetic, your vitamin D levels are good and your cholesterol is fine."
"Wait a minute, last week you told me my blood pressure was 110 over 70 and now your telling me my cholesterol is fine? Somethings suspicious here. My parents have both been struggling with high blood pressure and high cholesterol for years and years."
"Ummm, we can do a DNA test next, find out who's you daddy."
"No, no I think it's best I confront those two, who ever they are, first."



MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I love that ringtone! Once, I recorded my own ringtone, which was me saying, "Your phone is ringing, your phone is ringing, YOUR PHONE IS RINGING!" I loved it. My wife, not so much.

Leeuna said...

Great ringtone, although it would annoy the pooh out of me if it rang too often.

My son recorded his own ring tone just for my incoming calls. He's yelling, "Mom's calling! Everybody shut up and act sober," I'm thinking uh-oh. He says it's a joke.

Nooter said...

oh what a great theme song! can you imagine fighting crime with that going in the background?!

Relax Max said...

And congratulations on your good health.

Sue said...

Mike- My son has the creepy giggle from the movie Saw as his ring-tone. I hate it.

Leeuna - I have it set as my default, nobody calls me much except my family.

Nooter - No I can't imagine that at all.

Thank you Relax Max!

Relax Max said...

Wow, this post is still up? I'm trying to do better about stopping by more often but you have to do your part too an put up a new post once in a while. I was hoping for some more Asian misunderstandings. Or Walmart. Yeah, that's the ticket. :)