Sunday, August 08, 2010

The Russians are here

Well it just doesn't get any better than this. I got to the pool minutes before the woman that takes my spot did. Minutes! In your face pool spot stealer. HA! I was still setting up when she walked in. This has been my spot for years, I don't know who the hell she thinks she is. We have had an unspoken fight over this spot all summer. She's even brought a friend of hers into this, some muscle, if you know what I mean. Today is a small victory for me, hooray for me and my awesome timing.
And if this wasn't enough fun, the Russians are here, speaking Russian and everything. They could be talking about me right now and I wouldn't know it. Hell they could be talking about world domination and I'd be clueless. So as I write I keep looking over at them. My reasoning is they'll think I'm taking notes. These Russians will not take over the world on my watch. They talk funny. They have the same house address as we do just a different street. I found this out a couple years ago walking the dog. I suppose getting their mail by mistake would be a post just waiting to be written. But if you are a steady reader of my blog you know that I have foreignpeopleaphobia. I would probably make one of the boys take their mail to them and Boy #1 would do it, he has no fear of foreigners. Catch him in the right mood and I could get him to knock on anyone's door.
Jeez, I wish I could catch some of these words that are coming out of their mouths, it's just a bunch of ishkabibbles. I haven't heard them say vodka yet, they like that right? I'm going to go swim some laps and see if I can catch anything that sounds like, "Our plan is coming along very nicely Victor."


Back....... I got nothing to report to the Feds.


Dede said...

Thanks for dropping by our blog and leaving a comment! I enjoyed reading this post of yours and I'm curious as to how you stumbled upon our blog. Also, you have nothing to fear from the Russians. We spent a month in their country and they were nothing but friendly to us. Next time you run into them at your pool stop and say "Prevy-et" which means "hello" and I'm sure it will put a smile on their faces. It's such a tough language to learn and they seemed very appreciative that we knew a few words when we were there.

Candice said...

Good for you and your pool spot. Stay vigiliant!

Sue said...

Dede - Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the incredibly slow response. I started blog hopping at The Junk Drawer - Kathy and kind of hopped from there and that is how I found you!

Candice - It's been my spot for years, even the lifeguards know it. I ask them if they could do anything about it but they didn't want to get involved.