Monday, November 29, 2010

And the family rejoiced


What's this? I sense fear. Twenty-four years of mom training under my belt, I can sense the trepidation in Boy #3's voice. Hmmmm..... let's see where this goes.
"Ummm... wha.... what's for dinner?"
"Not turkey."

And he smiled, a smile like the old days, like when he heard the ice cream truck down the road. His eyes lit up like two bright stars in the midnight sky. Relief fell over him in a gentle wave of happiness.

This could be my fault, I did make a 20 pound turkey for five people. I thought it was excellent planning on my part. I had a sick husband in the house, the reason I had to cook by the way, I had a major head cold brewing around my brain and for God's sake a four day weekend to enjoy. And enjoy it we did. I got to take Nyquil.
"I'm going to WalMart for more tissues" I said to the husband, "Will you be okay?"
"I'm hungry."
"Make a turkey sandwich."
"Mom, I'm hungry."
"Make a turkey sandwich, I have to irrigate my nasal passages." And then take a nap.
I had apple pie for breakfast Saturday morning. Was it morning? It was my first meal of the day so I guess it was breakfast. The husband was popping aspirin like candy and was walking around the house wrapped in an old comforter from one of the boys beds, it had footballs on it.
At WalMart I grabbed a variety of cold and flu remedies. One, not pictured, was Breath Rite Extremes. I followed the instructions on the sample box, large strip on the bottom, small strip on top. Yes, there were two strips because they are Extremes. With the Breath Rite properly placed I looked in the mirror, my nose had grown twice it's size and air was getting in there. With my enlarged nose and Nyquil, I settled in for a long winters nap. I'm just going to sleep this off. Except the snot had other plans and today, has unleashed holy hell on my sinus cavity, I have to carry a box of tissues with me where ever I go. I could have easily dragged out the leftovers after work, but that would have been pushing it. Pushing it to the Extremes.
The husband came home and asked, "What's for dinner?" No fear in his voice, his filter is screwed up because of the flu.
"Not turkey."
"Thank God!"


ReformingGeek said...

I want turkey. What time is dinner?

Wait. Are you guys well yet?

Symdaddy said...

All the 'thanks' were given after Thanksgiving then.

Thanks for not feeding us turkey again!

Sue said...

Carol - No this flu lingers. The husband is still coughing, I still have a head full of snot and Boy #3 is just starting with symtoms. It sucks.

Symdaddy - They just don't understand the not having to cook thing.