Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In my world it's Friday

"What's for dinner?"
"It's so cute that you think I'm going to cook today."
"Here's how it works, this is a three day week and a four day weekend. So Monday when we woke up, it was like it was Wednesday, then Tuesday was like Thursday. You see where we're going with this?"
"I'm guessing you think it's Friday today and you don't cook on Friday's, ever. I'm calling for pizza?"
"There you go. In my world it's Friday."
I opened the refrigerator, "See that big turkey thawing in there? I'm spending the entire day with it tomorrow. I have to get up early and shove stuffing up it's ass, get it in the oven and make the rest of the Thanksgiving fixin's. There will be drinking and swearing by late afternoon. I won't know what day it is tomorrow."
"I'm going to call for pizza now."
"You know I think that would be best."
Some bloggers have been posting lists on what they are thankful for. I can't sit and look at a blank piece of paper and come up with list just like that, after all right now I think it's Friday. So I wrote a few things down during the day:
1. My Family - If I don't put them on the list they will bitch and moan, so I'm getting them out of the way first.
2. Mocha - That delicious hot liquid I drink every morning. I've been adding caramel to it.
3. Ready made pie crust.
4. I'm not traveling. I don't have to make the choice of being felt up by a stranger wearing blue rubber gloves or be scanned and end up on an internet porn site.
5. A four day weekend. Someone please let me know when it's Sunday so I remember to go to work Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving!


ReformingGeek said...

I'm thankful your hubby can dial for pizza. I don't know if I have enough money for your bail.

Enjoy your bonding with the turkey tomorrow. Be sure to pull out that "other stuff" in that turkey's body cavities before inserting the stuffing.

We're having smoked turkey. The dressing is separate. We never stick anything up our turkey's butt. ;-)

Symdaddy said...

As 'cook' in our household I can honestly say that I wish it was Pizza night EVERY night. Long day at work and then cooking for everyone ...

... I have nothing to give thanks for!

I certainly never get thanked.

Sue said...

Carol - We always stick stuff up our turkey's butt, Hungarian stuffing, old family recipe. Yummmmm.

Symdaddy - Pizza gets old weekend after weekend, there should be more places that deliver.

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

I totally love this post! First, you and I think EXACTLY alike when it comes to the short work week and making dinner. Second, you and I think EXACTLY alike when it comes to putting our families on our Thanksgiving lists. You are my new best friend, Sue.

Sue said...

Mike - BFF's buddy.

Relax Max said...

Your explanation of how the days work around Thanksgiving reminded me of a speech by Steve Martin in "The Jerk". (Don't worry, it isn't that funny.):

I know we've only known each other
for four weeks and three days...

...but to me, it seems like
nine weeks and five days.

The first day seemed like a week.

And the second day seemed like five days.

And the third day
seemed like a week again.

And the fourth day seemed like eight days.

But the fifth day
you went to see your mother...

...and that seemed just like a day.

But then you came back, and later...

...on the sixth day, in the evening,
when we saw each other...

...that started seeming like two days.

So in the evening, it seemed
like two days spilling into the next day...

...and that started seeming like four days.
So, at the end of the sixth day...

...on into the seventh day,
it seemed like a total of five days.

And the sixth day seemed like
a week and a half.

I have it written down, but I can show it
to you tomorrow if you want to see it.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to you.

I can't keep up with you. You are blogging every day, seems like. Every time I make a couple of comments and then come back in a month or so, BAM! Farther behind. I will catch up.

That reminds me of a joke from "Pulp Fiction." There were these three tomatoes walking down the street...

Never mind.