Friday, May 25, 2012

How about that yard work, huh.

I'm moving to a condo because yard work sucks. Boy #1 is helping me with the weeding, raking, shoveling and sweeping clean up, we're having such a great time.
At this very moment we are both hopped up on Benedryl. He started sneezing and something bit me, three times. I have three huge red welts, two on my elbow and one on my leg. I'm quite certain I'm inches from death. I don't know if the reason I can't straighten my elbow is because of the bug poison coursing through my veins or my tendinitis.
I really need to meet with writing success soon so I can hire someone to do this shhh...stuff for me. Benedryl in the middle of the day, what a dumb idea. I need a nap. Boy #1 has already succumbed to it's woozy side effects.
I'll start another paragraph but I forgot what else I was going to write, huh.

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ReformingGeek said...

Oh nos. I mean nose. Sigh.

You deserved that nap!

Our yard work is about to be done for the season. It's getting WAY too hot. Ugh.