Wednesday, May 02, 2012

The man in the pajamas

I couldn't help myself. I see a man walking in his pajamas and it's like a huge magnet pulling me towards the unknown dangers that might be waiting on that street. And it's a culdesac I could get trapped there. But the dog and I have been back twice since we passed the man walking down the middle of the road with his bathrobe belt dragging behind him.
We saw him both times at his house. The first walk by was Friday. On our way into the foreboding culdesac he sat in a lawn chair, pajama clad, smoking a cigarette. Now that's a normal look to me, obviously he isn't allowed to smoke in the house. We all said, "Good Morning."
Really after just rolling out of bed, throwing some clothes on while the dog bounces off the walls, Good Morning is about all you're going to get out of me. Even if we're related and haven't seen each other in 25 years at old Uncle Ned's funeral, Good Morning is all I have until coffee and a shower. I won't even understand you nor remember what you said, don't even try.
Our second walk into the abyss, today, we didn't see him until our way out. He must have finished his cigarette and he was in the process of putting his American Flag in it's post. Good Mornings were exchanged. And I took note that yes, he was in his bathrobe.
I have deemed him a non-threat and reasonably sane. I think we caught him on an off day when he looked like he had just escape a nursing home walking down the road in his jammies and light jacket. He has the presence of mind to know how to take care of the American Flag. So cut him some slack people.


Now I will attempt to post this. Blogger has decide to screw with that which isn't broken. All my buttons and whistles are cut-off so I'm just guessing at which one says save or publish.
I'm also posting from an undisclosed location. I needed to get out of my office for a few hours and I needed a mocha.


ReformingGeek said...

I'm so glad pajama man seems sane. We have far too many crazies in this world.

Relax Max said...

This was so fascinating I could hardly think of which comment I should use (I composed several.) Since you obviously don't have the guts to confront him head on and take his picture for us, you could at least give us a better description. Plaid robe? Cigarette and American flag signify old vet. Carry an old RVN yellow flag with you during your next walk and see if he comments. Or shoots. Either way.

Sue said...

Carol - But crazy makes the world go round. I look for them.

Relax Max - You could describe him as an old vet, that's what came to mind first. I think I explained that Good Morning is all I'll say on my walks before my coffee. There will be no pictures because I'm certain I will be walking down the street in my bathrobe in a few years. Karma! But yeah the robe was plaid.

Relax Max said...

You are halfway there. Now, after the "good morning" just add "may I take your picture?".


"One of my blog readers thinks you are an idiot."

But patriotic.

Relax Max said...

Sorry. You said to cut him some slack. Please try to make that last one sound nicer.

Sue said...

Is crazy old coot better than idiot?