Tuesday, September 04, 2012

She's a smart dog

A couple weeks ago the condominium people behind my house placed two Pet Waste Stations in their little condo sanctuary. The dog and I walk back there most mornings and I took note every time we past them. I told the dog,
"You know I have to blog about these eventually, right?"
There are instructions with pictures as to how to dispose of dog poop. I've seen these Pet Waste Stations before so it isn't just the condo people that are assumed stupid, it's the whole world.
This morning we past the first one and I decided I couldn't pass by the next, I had to take a picture and it was going to be today. Taking pictures of Pet Waste Stations and all the other strange things I see in the world don't phase me anymore. If someone looks at me weird I just tell them
"I'm a blogger."
They look at me with uncertainty and then look away. So I got my phone ready, because it takes me a while to find the right buttons to take a picture, especially when I only have one hand free.

With the phone in camera mode I started to center the Pet Waste Station in the view finder when I noticed the dog. I could not believe what I was seeing and could not believe that I got a picture of it. She was taking the Pet Waste Station seriously. So the picture is a little out of focus because I was laughing, to myself I didn't let her see.
I now have first hand experience with Pet Waste Stations and I can tell you that it's great to have some where to quickly dispose of a bag of poop. I do have one complaint. The bags that are provided are similar to those in the produce section at the grocery store and we all know how hard it is to open them. I'm still going to bring my own bag on our walks.


ReformingGeek said...

Never turn down an opportunity to take a photo or to take a pee or poop.

Good dog!

Relax Max said...

Some of us have taken a vote and we don't want to hear about this stuff anymore. Make up lies about your old Chinese laundry guy being put in a concentration camp or something.

goatman said...

It is the symbology on the lower sign that is baffling to me. Are we to know what that means just as we are supposed to know what "JMCY" or somesuch means on an e-mail?

Now I ask you. . .

Sue said...

Carol - These opportunities don't just happen every day. You have to be ever vigilant.

Relax Max - I knew a poop story was going to upset you, it has in the past. "Some of us"? you and Carol are usually the only commenters I have. This goatman guy is new.

I have been meaning to dedicate a post to just you and Carol, my loyal followers.

goatman aka new guy - Thank you for commenting. How did you find me?

Relax Max said...

Goatman is ok. A bit smarter than I am but ok. What do YOU care? - you moderate like a madwoman anyway.

Relax Max said...

Carol is too young to vote.

Relax Max said...

Wait until you get some more followers before you write a praise post, so someone will read it besides us. :) We already know how amazing we are.