Monday, September 08, 2008

The Old Lady and Her Walker on Wheels

Homeowners must be ever vigilant when it comes to accidents on their property. When I peered out my living room window Sunday afternoon I sprang into action. Grabbing the closest Boy available I steered him towards the window and said, "See that lawsuit waiting to happen?"
"The old lady and her walker on wheels?"
"Yes, run honey, run like the wind and stop the dog from bolting after her and barking until she keels over dead of a heart attack or breaks a hip."
"I'm all over this mom."
Who sends their aged loved ones with a walker on wheels out alone for a Sunday stroll? Thanks to me and my nosy neighbor tendencies the old lady passed the house without incident.
"Bring that dog in, she can't get too far. She'll be wheeling the walker back around for a return trip."


David said...

Is hers on of those front wheel drive models with two tennis balls or is it the 4X4 with hand brakes and a comfortable seat?

besides, maybe she was running away from home to avoid another jello-salad dinner.

Margaret said...

You live in Maryville??!!?? That's where my 85 year old mother walks with her wheeled walker -- oblivious and impervious to yappy dogs and muggers in the green belt.


Sue said...

LOL David! It was a front wheel drive!

Sue said...

OMG Margaret! Maybe it was her. Does she wear a yellow sweater in 80 degree weather?