Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Paycheck Draining Kids

With my recent bombardment of post ideas, I decided to set a few of my brain cells aside to figure out why. Why all the sudden ideas? What’s different now, late in the summer as opposed to early in the summer? And since my brain has been chugging along rather smoothly these last few weeks, I figured it out pretty quick. I’m a freakin genius lately.
And here’s what I came up with, there are no paycheck draining parties on the horizon. No party bills looming in the distance. No more looking into the eyes of the husband and saying, “How are we going to pay for that?” The graduation party is over and the wedding is done. And if those boys pull any of that kind of planning again, I’m putting them up for adoption. I don’t care if they are 22 and 19. I’m keeping the 16 year old, only because as I said in a previous post, I’m living with him when I get old.
I still have some of the booze from the wedding sitting by my fireplace. I haven’t decided if I’ll turn to that when paying the bills we’ve accrued or consolidate debt. Because I’m pretty sure Santa’s isn’t bringing me jewelry this year unless I figure something out. So it’s time to smoosh all those credit cards together in to one payment, debt consolidation. No time to waste, diamond earrings are on my Christmas list!


Karen said...

Ha! Just today my son reminded me we cut him off from funding this semester. I FORGOT! I ALMOST PUT A HUNDRED DOLLARS IN HIS CHECKING ACCOUNT. We have to remember and help each other with this no spending money on the kids thing!

family man said...

Trust me I can relate - except my mind works a bit defferent - I seem to get all my best ideas when all hell is breaking loose and when I'm desperatly wondering - how on earth will I pay for that.

I have several art work and ideas [ complete stories ] sitting by my computer. Some would go great for the blog - others, lets say I would have to change the theme of the blog.


Sue said...

Karen, you are so right! I'm going out with the girls Monday and spending some money on me!

Sue said...

Bill, it's time for you to start another blog!