Thursday, October 23, 2008

Politcal Free Blog

I talked politics with the flu shot nurse at work today. She started it. I was put in charge of ushering in the flu shot recipients, having them sign in and requesting which arm they would like the needle to puncture. Thank God they all picked an arm and not a cheek. I really didn't want to get to know my co-workers that well. During a lull in the stream of sleeve rollers the discussion ensued. I opted out of the flu shot and she said, "It's a free country."
I replied, "For a couple more weeks I suppose it is."
She agreed with me.
While I have very strong opinions on the upcoming Presidential election, I've decided to keep it out of my blog. No one is going to change my mind, who am I to think I could change theirs? Since I've decided to keep politics out of my blog, I've also tried to shy away from political blog advertisements on my EntreCard and Project Wonderful widgets. There are quite a few bloggers out there that haven't done their homework and it aggravates me. I have enough gray hair. So consider Farvel Cargo and View of Sue politics free.


David said...

I'm just guessing here but the assessment of free country only for "a few more weeks" kind of suggests that a "change" of the party in control would not be to your liking and, thus, your politics have entered your blog.

Just a guess.

Sue said...

For a brief moment politics have entered my blog how very astute of you to figure that out. Just trying to explain myself in my blog. And trying to defray ads with little or no information to which they claim to have. This country is screwed no matter who get's the presidency and it depresses me. So I had my vent.
Just a guess, but you disagree with me?

David said...

Do I disagree with you?

Hmm....I doubt we are voting for the same candidate.

but - I too am sick of the campaign ads that either distort the truth or flat out lie. On that, I think we agree.

I'm sure that I'm not going to change your mind and you are not going to change my mind, and most, if not all, people are in the same boat. So on that I think we agree.

I think it is totally your prerogative if you want to discuss politic in your blog or not to do so. I'm guessing on that we agree.

I think it is important that our country change political parties-in-charge periodically to keep the pendulum from always swinging in one direction. A balance is good. I’m not sure what your position on that might be.

I'm really tired of being manipulated by the fear tactics of the Bush administration and I am horrified by the way that administration has starved the national government of revenue with the tax cuts and then going to war with borrowed money which mortgaged our country to foreign governments. I’m not sure where you might stand on that.

I am appalled that the GOP ticket wants to criminalize abortion for rape and incest victims. Not sure where you are on the plight of those women. Personally, I can’t imagine a whole lot worse than forcing a rape victim to carry that pregnancy result to delivery.

I grew up in a time when the GOP stood for smaller government, less regulation, balanced budgets, less government intrusion into our lives. We now find a GOP that has the most enormous deficits in history, the greatest national debt in history, a bizarre willingness to prevent gay couples from being couples, and a willingness to force women to use their uterus for their purposes.

The Democrats are often accused of being “tax and spend liberals” but I think the Republicans “borrow and spend” to mortgage our future is worse.

Perhaps we have some areas of disagreement.