Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay so the over the counter stuff isn't working. The snot is still suck up in my head and sucking all the fun out of my day to day activities. I'll have to break down, hand over the co-pay to see the doctor and hope the fist full of prescriptions are on the first tier of our medical insurance plan. And hope I get the whole thing taken care for $50 dollars or less.
Posting on my blogs has been a challenge. I have great ideas but they are getting caught up in the snot swimming around my brain or all together forgotten once the sinus medicine takes effect. Some day I hope to be able to retrieve them before my head explodes. I'm looking forward to the day that I can bend over and I'll be sure that my eyes will stay in their sockets. Because right now I have to check and make sure they are still there when I straighten up.


Preston said...

I hope you feel better and I absolutely love your blog header...

Karen said...

You poor thing. Have you tried chicken soup and putting a towel over your head while getting steam up your nose?

Dan Brantley said...

I can relate, I have fought my sinuses my entire life. I keep things under pretty good control most of the time, but sometimes...
I feel your pain. I usually take NyQuil day and night until the worst of it is over.

Jaya said...

Hi there-

I just found your blog for
the first time, through Entre

I hope you are feeling better
SOOON. If these sorts of snot
problems are recurrent for you,
you might want to get some of
this stuff:

It kills off the nasties in your
body. I take it, and I also am
giving it to my oldest cat who
has some bacterial infection...
it seems to be helping her.

Meanwhile I kinda feel like I
should take a swig of it right
now, looking at the Google Ads
that are showing on your blog,
in harmony with your snot post:
Stuffy nose & allergies, unusual
vaginal discharge, and excess
mucus. Blechhhhhh!!!

Sue said...

Thank you all for your well wishes!
Karen - Chicken Soup steam? Okay, I'll try anything........almost!