Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Parade of Prostitutes

I counted about twelve prostitutes walking up to my doorstep this Halloween night. Fishnet stockings, high heels and a little tight dress that goes up to her twat is a prostitute. Their parents are delusional if they think they look like anything else.
"Here honey, have a fun size Kit Kat and go put some pants on."
I thanked the Lord above about 27 times tonight for giving me boys. One of the hookers in training walked by my house 4 times.

NO! No, no, no, oh please, please don't let her be one of Boy #3's friends.

Boy #3 then appeared with his rag tag group of friends. I pointed the prostitute out, at which time the group hid in the bushes.
"That's right baby, you hide from the godless Jezebel. I'm the onliest woman in my boys life."


Ellen said...

This is hysterical!!!! I've laughed so hard I'm coughing. I agree totally with your interpretation of their attire. They do look like little hussies don't they?

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

True story: Not long ago my friend and I dressed like prostitutes to get into a club for free. When we arrived, the person at the door said "Where's your costume?" Apparently what seemed slutty to us was typical nightclub attire.

Lidian said...

"...have a fun size Kit Kat and go put some pants on."

Best line ever! Brilliant!

Sue said...

Hey lidian thanks! I had to write that one down while I was giving out candy so I didn't forget it!

Sue said...

LOL prefers her fantasy life! Next time consult a teenage girl!

Sue said...

Sorry to make you cough Ellen! I can't believe their parents let them out of the house.

lala said...

That's funny (but not really because I'm with you, I can't believe parents let their girls go out like that)

I personally had to watch the grown-up HOs of Halloween last night. Someone across the street had a party and they were all out and about, strutting up and down the street in their barely there costumes.

I ways always glad I was blessed with a boy and not a girl. Eek!