Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Grandma's Multiple Piercings

Braving the wintry mix that Northeast, Ohio has blessed us with today, I headed out for milk. Years ago my mother told me to just buy a cow, tonight I wish I had taken that advice. Instead I had a short, sloppy drive to the corner store in deep cogitation for my next post.
I was not disappointed, as I deposited my gallon of milk, Pepsi and gum on the counter, my blogging mind started to write my next post immediately. Celestine, my 4' 8" gray haired, wrinkled cashier, with at least four used tissue bursting out of her breast pocket smiled at me. Celestine was sporting at least five piercings in her sagging ears. A poster grandma for what not to do when you're young and stupid.
The teenagers want to pierce everything and I tell them, "Eventually things start to sag, it's the law of gravity."
Celestine had one earring on the top of of her left ear that just kind of stuck up at an odd angle. One has to wonder if she looked in the mirror and actually thought it looked good or maybe she was running late for work and didn't notice it, her hair was disheveled and now I'm probably going to rot in hell for writing this post. After some cogitation on the subject I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog.


ettarose said...

Sue, that is like the Grandma pulling up the skin on her belly while explaining to her Grandkids that the tattoo is Motley Crue!

Chat Blanc said...

I'm sooo likely to end up being a Celestine when I'm old! :D Hopefully by that time I'll be too old to care.

Karen said...

LOL there are going to be a lot of grannys with saggy tattoos. Is cogitation one of your new words?

chathu said...

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Barako Brew said...

.... And those are only the piercing that's visible to the general public. What about the ones that err ... now that kinda makes you wish we didn't get to this part of the discussion, doesn't it? :)

Nice post, Sue.

- Paulo of Barako Brew

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

This is the reason I'm going for a small piercing in my nose. Really.

Needless To Say said...

I grew up in NE OH, and this makes me so homesick!

Daddy goes crazy @ universal studios said...

It's been a while but I'm glad I passed by. This is so true... I've seen grandma's show up at my job dress in what should only be worn by a 12 year old [ size and look ]...

Sue said...

ettarose - thanks so much for that mental picture.

Chat Blanc - yes there's always Alzheimer's.

Karen - Cogitation is my word of the week. Thanks for noticing!

chathu - thank you!

Sue said...

Baraka Brew - I don't want to talk about that ewwww... and thank you.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life - I've always thought that a tiny little nose rings looks cool, but I have too many sinus issues. You go girl!

Needless To Say - snow makes you homesick? You should be here now, I can't see my street!

Daddy goes crazy - nice to see you again! We have to get you to join EntreCard!