Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can We Just Get This Over With Already?

I'm dancing around my post today, trying not to lose any guy readers I may have. But I'm going to post about it. It wasn't on my mind while getting ready for work this morning, the arctic weather was. Worrying about my car starting and making sure I was layered up, making sure I remembered my shoes so I didn't have to schlep around in my fake Uggs all day, weighed heavily on my mind. In my car the digital thermometer registered at 1 degree. Coffee, lunch, shoes, purse, the car started, mission accomplished.
That is why I sat on the exam table for my gynecological visit staring at my socks. "What the hell were you thinking?" I asked myself.
"The only piece of clothing you are allowed to keep on and you picked these?" I yelled at myself.
"These socks are three 'machine washed on warm' away from having holes in them and did you even think of shaving your legs? No, I think not."
I sat there in my paper gown with the opening in the front and fidgeted with the paper sheet. The temperature had gone all the way up to 9 by the time I left work but I sat in that exam room wiping my hands on the paper sheet. My palms were sweating. The armpits started to feel the heat. "I hope they don't smell. Oh my God! You couldn't shave those either? He's going to think I'm a skamoch."
After waiting there long enough to give myself a good talking to, the doctor came in and we finally got that over with. Stay tuned for the mammogram post.


On a serious note, if any of my readers are also readers/friends of fellow bloggers, The World of Silly Willy and Fluffy, they could use some kind words, as they are going through a family emergency. They are my Aunt and Uncle and my cousin is in critical condition. Thanks in advance.


ettarose said...

Sue, I am very sorry to hear of your cousin's illness. Everything will be fine. You know who to put your trust in.

Mike Golch said...

I have your Aunt and Uncle in my prayers as well as your cousin.I posted a prayer request for them as well on my site.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, I will keep them in prayer.

On a less than serious note, I voted for your post at before I read it. Dang it! ;) You really don't have to share about the mammogram, okay?

David said...



Norwegian for skank?


Sue said...

I thank you all for your prayers. My aunt and uncle call with encouraging news one day and set backs the next. It's been a roller coaster ride and hopefully things will smooth out soon.

Sue said...

UR - Knowing that you voted for me at before reading the post shows me you have confidence in my blog and you know it will be funny. I can assure you the mammogram post will be written as carefully as possible. ;-) I haven't made the appointment yet so you have time to prepare yourself. You will be reading it before you know what it's about, trust me. HA!

Sue said...

David - Skamoch and skank are one in the same. Not sure of its origin.