Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Winter Weather Warning Is In Effect

I'm snowed in today along with my family, I fear cabin fever maybe setting in. Every time the snowplow rumbles by the house the dog has to run up to the window and bark at it just to show the neighborhood who's boss. The dog is also having a hard time finding a place to pee, as the snow is up to her twat. Then she gets her leash wrapped around the light post and barks at me. She knows she has to go around it because as soon as I put on my fake Uggs and get lured out in the snow she unwinds herself and runs up the steps.
I had a Mrs. Kravitz moment today: The neighbor across the street drove into his driveway with his car and then backed out, drove in, backed out, drove in and backed out. Me, having nothing better to do, watched with interest.
"What's this moron doing?"
The only thing I could think of, is that he was trying to smoosh down the snow to avoid shoveling. I haven't had a
Mrs. Kravitz moment for a while, I'll need to stare mindlessly out my office window more often, the neighbors never disappoint.
It seems I am now in charge of keeping the fire going in the fireplace, since the husband has fallen asleep. He couldn't take all the winter weather warnings streaming across the bottom of his TV screen. Boy #3 is hiding in his room, he knows I will soon present him with a shovel. I can be patient, he's going to get hungry soon.


Bee said...

Well, that post date is Saturday. I'm hoping you survived the weekend.

We were unfortunate enough to have about 20 errands to run on Saturday so he had to brave the blizzard we were hit with. I have to say that being in the car with my husband threatening to careen into snowbanks just for kicks and giggles was not my idea of a peaceful weekend. What did you give your husband so he could sleep? ;op

Anonymous said...

I hate winter...and I think you might have moved into a R-rating for the use of the word tw*t. ;)

Sue said...

Bee - I don't have to give my husband anything to sleep, I just start talking to him.

UR - Would coochie pop be PG?