Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can anyone spare $24.83 and provide a receipt?

So the husband and I sat down at another restaurant for dinner. I work full time now, I avoid cooking. This was the topic of our dinner conversation, the not cooking thing. Then the conversation took on a life of its own and we started discussing my receptionist career. "You know what I'm doing now?" I asked him. "They dumped the petty cash box in my lap."
The husband looked amused.
"It hasn't been reconciled since September."
His face lit up like a Christmas tree.
"It kind of got lost in the shuffle during the layoffs at the beginning of the year."
Then there was an honest to God, genuine look of interest in his demeanor.
And then we laughed a good 45 to 56 seconds. There would have been more laughing but our waiter came by to tell us the evenings specials. The baked ziti sounded good so I ordered it. When our waiter left the husband asked me, "What kind of bull crap have you been slinging around that office? I can straighten them out right now by showing them about six or seven old checkbooks you've screwed up over the years."
"I never put proficient in Math on my resume, I avoid all Math conversations around the water cooler. I even mentioned once that I hated Math and I know people heard me, I'm kind of loud."
"Really, I never noticed."

Now that the laughing stage is over and done with, I'm fast approaching the hair pulling stage, next will be the crying. I can't seem to find $24.83.
And I'm totally clueless on where to look for it.


ReformingGeek said...

Gas bill?

You are a funny girl. Just send me that petty cash. I'll find a use for it. ;-)

Nooter said...

baked ziti = $24.83

fracas said...

Holy cow.. Nooter is one smart dog.

Someone should reward him. Maybe I will!

Oh, but Happy New Year... since that's why I came by today! ;-)

Daddy the government is looking for you said...

Oh, reminds me of tax season soon approaching. Trying to organize my disordered reciepts is the hell I face each year.

Hope you have a happy new year and please read my post - the Government actually wanted to know what I did on new years day - creepy call - but it was the government. ????

Sue said...

Reforming Geek - We could do some damage with that petty cash, you and I couldn't we?

Nooter - Shhhhhhhhhh

fracas - Don't encourage him, he gets in enough trouble. Happy New Year to you too!