Sunday, June 13, 2010

Usually my alcohol comes in a plastic cup

Erv and I convened at his house to try and put together the pieces of LOST, for about 10 minutes, then we decided to drink and play corn-hole. I was a little disappointed he and my sister-in-law hadn't mixed up a batch of adult punch, but I guess they still remember the last time I got my hands on the punch bowl.

"Are they going to heaven by way of that church? Over half of them killed at least 1 to 3 people and Michael has to stay on the island with the whisper people?"

Instead my sister-in-law handed me a wine class. I looked at this foreign object in my hand, usually my alcohol comes in a plastic cup, I'm not a wine person. I try, but I don't like it. So when my mom and sister-in-law start talking wine I quietly sit munching on cheese-its until I can jump into the conversation again.
"I think I found a wine you'll like." She's desperately trying to include me, she's so sweet. After unscrewing the cap she filled my wine glass, I felt so classy, and then dumped in some crushed ice. She and my mom waited with anticipation as I sipped a sip. "I think I like it, but will it give me a good buzz like the adult punch?"
"Just drink it."

"If they are all moving on, all dead in LOST, why are they taking baby Aaron with them, he was already born and three years old when last we saw him?"

"Let's play corn-hole."
"I'm going to refill my wine glass first, let's be on the same team so we don't have to stand next to each other."
"Yes, we should separate."
Corn-hole has become our families obsession. Erv and I against our 74 year old father and my boy #3, the geek. We were going to try not to embarrass them.

"How did they, when did they all decide to meet in the "sideways world" once they died?" I shouted.
"Stop taking about the sideways world, you lose people when you talk about the sideways world, they look at you funny." This coming from Boy #3 who also hung on until the end of LOST and was on my side of the corn-hole game.

"Hey! Anytime you want to turn on your corn-hole mojo would be great." Erv yelled at me from the other side. We were getting our asses kicked.
"You need to get that bag on the board or we're out of this game." He yelled at me again.
It was something like 21 to 5, you need 21 to win, I had the last bag to throw to cancel out one of their bags, to stay alive. That's pressure. I had somewhat of a buzz but not an adult punch buzz, I had LOST zapping any brain cell that dared to come out of hiding and I had to get that bag on the board. I took a deep breath, got into position, brought my arm back, was ready to release the bag. And right at the point that my hand and bag were ready to separate, Boy #3 says,
"I'm gay."

Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Different show, but effectively brought me out of my LOST coma.)


ReformingGeek said...

Well, alrighty, then. ;-)

Are you sure it wasn't that wine over ice?

Stop analyzing Lost. It's pointless. They're all dead and they are moving on together, except Michael does have to stay and whisper. It doesn't matter what the island is or isn't. It's easier that way.


Leeuna said...

LOST is still bugging me too. And nothing makes me buzz like wine. (I don't drink anymore but when I used to). I was always more of a beer girl. Oh, and I've never played corn-hole but it looks like fun. :)

Candice said...

This post makes me glad that I stopped watching that damn show in season 3.

I was so pissed that the fat ass guy with the fro never lost weight after being trapped on a goddamned island with little to no food, that I was unable to get past it.

Sue said...

Carol - I don't even know the name of the wine and don't care. But it did take alcohol to help me forget LOST. Damn show.

Leeuna - Corn-hole is wholesome family fun, mixed with a little of drinking, but you can still have fun without the booze.

Candice - Don't dis Hurley. 3 seasons was like a month island time. Now look what you did, you made me defend the show.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What???? OK, first of all, I don't see how you can talk about LOST and do ANYTHING at the same time as that. Except drink. And are you kidding me that Boy #3 came out just like that? What an awesome scene you described there, by the way.