Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh yes I did!

Bundling up for a early morning walk in, what was it? Maybe 20 degrees? It is a chore to make sure I'm going to be warm and I don't forget anything. All the while the dog is jumping around like a kangaroo because she knows she's going on a walk.
I went into my office to grab my hoodie and what did I see outside my window? Another dog walker out in the cold. I'm not crazy after all. That is until I saw this dog walker, a woman, bagging up her dogs poop, as well she should, especially when it's my yard. Only my dog is allowed to poop there.
I threw my hoodie on and as my head came out the hoodie hole I saw the unbelievable. The woman bagged the poop and threw in on my lawn. Who does that? Why bother bagging it when you're going to leave it? Bagging it is the worse part. Swinging it around while you walk isn't pleasant but it's odor is contained by then.
I jumped into action,
"Not cool, not cool."
"What?" the husband said as I ran past him and down the stairs to the front door.
I opened the door, the woman and her dog were almost 2 houses away when I yelled,
"Are you going to leave that bag there?"
She jumped a little, turned around and said,
"Oh, I pick it up on my way back."
The hell you say, not buying it, the dog and I readied ourselves for the hunt.
The boys have told me back in the summer when they were cutting the grass that they had found bags of poop in our yard before. I just found the offender and she wasn't getting away with it anymore. HA!
Out the door I let the dog take a whiff and away we went hot on the trail of the poop bagging bitch. I have way too much time on my hands and perhaps I am a little crazy but we found them. They were on the other side of the street, I made my way to the corner partially hidden by some bushes and called the husband,
"She's on her way."
"Fine I got this." And I made myself seen.
She crossed the street and picked up her plastic bag. Booyah! I scared her. Oh yes I did!


Symdaddy said...

Lets see how you handle my dogs poop!

It's in the post with NO senders address!

ReformingGeek said...

Good for you! I am so proud. Next time I need some help around here, I'm giving you a call.

Relax Max said...

I am shocked.

Venom said...

You are my hero.
After my mom that is.
My mom watched as the neighbours let their dog crap on her lawn and walk away.

When they got home from their walk my mom went out and bagged the turd, then rang the jerk's doorbell.
When he opened to see this little old lady on his porch holding out a brown paper bag to him, he took it from her.
Then Mom said, "I believe this belongs to you and your dog."

OMG - I would have liked to have seen the look on that guys face when he realized he just accepted a bag of dogshit from an old lady. HAH!

J.C. Mogensen said...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a super hero is born.

We had a neighbor once who went out of her way to make sure that her furry little abomination only peed on my car's tires. We had words after I buster her for the fifth time. I'm not proud of the conversation, but no more frozen yellow icicles on my rims after that.