Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bra Issues

I'm just gonna go ahead and address my bra issues today. One of my least favorite things to do in the world is to go bra shopping. Not being very blessed in that region makes the whole experience somewhat depressing. One of my mother's most favorite things to do in the world is to go bra shopping, particularly for me. She is on a quest to find me the right fit. Needless to say I have a drawer full of uncomfortable bra's, because I bought them to stop my mother from holding different cup sizes up to my chest, in public.
The new job requires that I dress better than my usual jeans, t-shirt and slippers. All week I've been tugging at my bra's, with each tug realizing what had to be done. I ventured off bra shopping without telling my mother. They put the clearance racks deep within the lingerie section of Kohl's, that's where I started. I was able to find five assorted bra's within my price range and unmentionable size. Although they were all wildly colorful, I found one that fit. The brand is called "It Fits", thank you so much pal, preciate that.
I found another black with red pin-striped "It Fits" bra and bought them both. I wore one today and boy was I comfortable. I found the right fit. Now do I tell mom or keep this traitorous act of mine a secret?


Ellen said...

I hate buying bras also. I'm not well endowed in that area and I can NEVER find one that fits me right. However there is a Kohls near me and I might just have to visit them soon and check out this brand.

Silly & Fluffy said...

Sue, this was hilarious! "What kind of Bra, is it?" ????? Aunt Fluffy

Note: You could of had a V8!!!