Friday, April 11, 2008

Cat Owning Guidelines

My evening job brings the crazy general public to me in droves. It's a bloggers dream. Most people try to avoid lengthy conversations with weird strangers, I cherish them, not so much if they smell but if they are a couple bricks short of a load and want to tell me about their goldfish swimming around in their bathtub, I'm all ears. A recent conversation left me thinking, "Huh, I wonder how many cats she has?"
Then I started to wonder, "How many cats do you have to have to be considered a kookamonga?"
Taking it a step further I decided to make some cat owning guidelines. Not being a cat owner and really not much of a cat person I fully expect to offend a few cat people. But you have to realize most people do not look at a woman in a house full of cats as normal by any means.

Cat Owning Guidelines:
1 cat - This is perfectly normal, therapeutic and you probably have lots of friends.
2 cats - It is socially acceptable to have two cats.
3 cats - If you keep adding cats, your friends will stop coming over, you know that right?
4 cats - Acceptable if you live on a farm.
5 cats -
You have just entered the realm of the crazy cat people, literature will be arriving in the mail soon.
6 cats - Your house smells like a liter box and you now wear a housecoat.
7 cats - I think by the time you have seven cats you can be classified kookamonga, no I know it.
8 cats - Some would ask you to seek help, I on the other hand, would encourage a conversation so I would have something to blog about.

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