Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gunga Galunga...... Gunga, Gunga-Galunga

Since watching Caddyshack for the eighty-seventh time last weekend Boy #2 has been talking to me in a Bill Murray accent and uttering the phrase Gunga Galunga...... Gunga, Gunga-Galunga to me whenever I ask him to take out the garbage. Back in the day, around this time of year, things got done. One sentence would stop them in their tracks, "I'm calling Santa." I would then proceed to the phone and actually start to dial the weather, sometimes I got an updated forecast, other times I didn't have to go that far, but things got done.
While wandering around the husbands place of employment Friday night, I ran into the Jolly Ole' Elf himself. I grabbed both Boy #2 and Boy #3 by the ear, dragged them over to the Big Guy and said, "Santa these boys are no good, don't bring them anything Christmas Eve. This one won't do his homework and this one owes me money."
"Consider it done ma'am."
At that time Boy #2 took his index finger, pointed it at Santa's chest and said, "Gunga Galunga...... Gunga, Gunga-Galunga."
"Ho, Ho, Ho.....Caddyshack! I love that movie. See you Christmas Eve boys."
I don't care who you are, that's funny. Our children have inherited mine and the husbands incredible sense of humor, chips off the old block.
"Come on boys, mommy's going to grant you a total state consciousness before I knock your heads together."


Anonymous said...

That is extremely funny. Even Santa Claus loves him some Caddyshack-- he's probably friends with the Dalai Lama.

Sue said...

Yeah, Santa probably knows all the big guys. Thank you unfinishedrambler!

LOBO said...

Man I'm gonna hafta dust off that old gem ... I haven't seen it in YEARS!! :)

Kirsten said...

I love that part of Caddyshack. It never gets old!

Sue said...

LOBO - We watched it on TV with commercials, because the DVD doesn't cut out the parts with boobies. I don't want my boys to see boobies.

Kirsten - That and The Cinderella Story scene are the best!