Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kill The Spider

"There is a tarantula in the laundry room, there will be no clean socks until it's dead."
In my world there are clearly defined jobs in our household. Spider killin' is for the men folk. Most spiders hang out in laundry rooms, so it's inevitable to run into a few now and then. But this one, this huge, hairy, eight legged monster made me jump.
"Boy #3! It's spider killin' time!"
After his first look at Shelob, I could tell he was bummed to be the only guy in the house. "Don't let it smell your fear."
He had come down to the laundry room with a wad of paper towels in his hand, but was re-thinking that option. His eyes wandered to the husbands work boot, then the spider, then the boot again. "It's the way to go." I said. "The boot."
"You can't let it get away, you have to kill it first try. It's the kind of spider that will come back and kill us in our sleep if it gets away."
The spider never moved during this whole conversation. Thank God. I was hoping it wasn't making it's own plan of attack. "I'm going to stand over there."
I'm going to have to buy Boy #3 some gum or something after rescuing me from that tarantula.


Anonymous said...

Gum? Gum? That deed sounds more like it deserves a Wii or something along that line if he already has one. ;)

Sue said...

Gum is all I can afford after the Blessed Holiday Season! LOL!

Kelly said...

I remember Shelob. Every time I see a spider, she comes to mind. It's good you have menfolk around to handle these kinds of things. Come on, though. You gotta do better than gum! At least get him a candy bar or a Popsicle or something.

Lidian said...

This reminds me of the scene in "Annie Hall" where Woody's character is summoned by Annie to kill a spider in her bathroom that is "the size of a Buick." He knocks a lot of things over but it is never made clear whether he actually gets rid of it...

Sue said...

Kelly - You should see what that spoiled kid got for Christmas! He owes me at least 25 spider smashings if not more.

Lidian - He clearly got our laundry room spider, trust me.

Candice said...

I posted about this subject somewhat recently. Fortunately for me my spider friend was in the pantry and my husband was out of town which led to me losing 10 pounds that week because I was starving to death.

I'm slightly afraid of spiders. ;)

Ora - Looking for Offramp said...

The best thing about men is that they handle pest control. Love 'em for that!