Monday, December 08, 2008

Wrath of God Zit

On the left side of my nose is a bright, shiny, un-pop-able, red zit. I wore my glasses this weekend and they were lopsided on my face, that's how huge this thing is. Being 4o somethingish, I kind of thought this sort of thing was behind me.
I managed to cover it well for work or at least I think I did. No one looked at me funny. You know standing and talking to me and then seeing their eyes zero in on my nose and stay there for the remainder of the conversation. That didn't happen. Table's turned, I would have stared at some one's big zit. Kind of like Austin Powers, "Moley, moley, moley."
I went over to mothers last night to see if she might have some words of wisdom on my horrendous nose. She's the one that told me that the zits would go away with age and that the cramps would go away after having children. Three children later I still go into pre-labor every month. The words of wisdom I received were, "Don't touch it!"
Dad, being a pro-active kind of guy said, "Pop it with a needle."
"Don't tell her that, she'll do it."
Maybe I'll just put some Windex on it.


Anonymous said...

Aren't parents the best? Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. They never stop with the advice, do they?

Jen said...

Try the windex! And then try Cortaid. I've had acne ever since I hit my 40's. Barely had in high school so I thought this is wrong but waited two years to do anything about it. Turns out it might just be eczema. Looks just like zits. I tried the cortaid after spending gobs of money on acne creams that did nothing. After an hour it was gone and hasn't returned.

Theresa said...

Windex? Will that work? I'm now 50, had zits since puberty, never managed to get them to go away, they're still here, and I have the PMS/cramps from hell every month. Where is that Big M when you need it?

Seriously, Windex???

rusty said...

Haha, I would pop it with a needle actually and put alcohol on it, I'm one of the parents, I think, but not old.