Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Adventure That Is WalMart

For those of you who have never experienced a "big snow" like we Northerner's just experienced, I thought I'd paint you a picture. Imagine a parking lot if you will, say WalMart. When a foot of snow dumps on an area like a parking lot, it's only logical that the establishment plows the snow away to avoid chaos. There has been some plowing in that parking lot, I'll give them that, but not a whole hell of a lot. When every other car you see has spinning tires, some more plowing should be done. This is how I felt as I drove into WalMarts parking lot, there are other stores in that shopping area, but I'm just blaming it on WalMart.
I drove my four-wheel drive SUV into the parking lot,
"What the &%$@? Don't they know what a &$@$*%# plow is for? Are they total A$$&$@%'s?"
That's how I sound when I'm in my car by myself! It's a great stress reliever, to swear like a drunken sailor.
After my profanity laced outburst, I laughed a little laugh. I have four wheel drive, what the hell do I care. Four wheel drive vehicles make you cocky. So already I'm cocky and self assured, a dangerous combination when it's the end of the week and so few precious brain cells are active. I got the brain cells, it's just that at the end of the week, starting my lazy weekends, I put some of them to sleep. Why clutter your head with rational thoughts when it's not really necessary? Well I'll tell you why. Because shopping carts don't have four wheel drive. Cocky and self assurance went out the window while I pulled my shopping cart inch by inch through the un-plowed, snow covered, adventure that is WalMart.


"Annie" said...

You are absolutely hysterical and I've been sad for so long because I've had trouble loading your page and leaving comments.

First I want to tell you thank you for making me laugh for weeks, and that my prayers are with your cousin and Aunt and uncle. I'm been stopping and dropping by their blog also~

Just wanted you to know you're appreciated~

Big Hug,


Sue said...

Thank you Annie!! I don't like the sound of my page not loading!

I'm glad I can make you laugh.
Thank you for the prayers, they are definitely working. My cousin is doing better than expected. Uncle Silly Willy and Aunt Fluffy are back in Florida taking care of a few things.

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Staci said...

LOL. I cuss like that every time I pull into the Walmart parking lot, snow or no snow. There's nothing like having to go into a store that has 20 or 30 lanes but only 3 open, people who constantly knock into you with their buggies, and nothing where it should be to bring out the drunken sailor in all of us; yet I keep going back.

I Hate Commercials said...

hahaha you are absolutely 100% correct about being cocky and self assured with 4 wheel drive. I have it and I feel like the king of the road when it's snowing or icy. My girlfriend wants to kill me every time it snows because of it.

Chat Blanc said...

I can't imagine why someone hasn't invented ATV type shopping carts. I hate having to drag those old school, tiny wheeled, dang things through the snow and slush!