Thursday, February 19, 2009

See If You Can Detect The Note Of Sarcasm

How wonderful it was to wake up to an inch, and climbing, of fresh fallen snow this morning. After enjoying a week of a clear driveway, we can now start shoveling again. Years of snow removal experience has taught us a few tricks, start the car 10 minutes before work so the windows defrost, this way you jump in, roll down the windows and the excess snow falls off. But not this morning, the window were frozen shut. So for extra fun I got to scrap and scrap, while the snow blew down sideways. As the snow swirled around me I wondered just why I spent all that time on my hair. I was also treated to popping the SUV into 4 wheel drive to avoid sliding into a ditch, it was a exciting drive into work. Upon my arrival, I navigated my way through the parking lot carrying extra shoes, lunch, purse and coffee without peripheral vision, because I got to wear my heavy jacket with the big hood again.
Mother Nature, you ignorant slut.


Anonymous said...

Good post, but the last sentence is a knockout. I wish I'd said that. ;)

Jen said...

We got more snow recently after losing most of it and actually being able to see the road again. No one has bothered to shovel this time. It's a complete revolt against mother nature.

Anonymous said...

So um...was the note of sarcasm on that last line? I think I may have missed it. ;)

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

We had rain one day and snow the next. Mother nature must be in menopause.

Kirsten said...

LOL! Mother Nature, you ignorant slut is right!!

happy dad sick said...

Sorry to hear about the snow - but have you heard about how banks are charging fees to unemployment recipiants ???

this is sick... full article at my blog..

Relax Max said...

Now, now. It's not nice to fool [with] Mother Nature. Thank you for sharing your joy. At least you have a 4WD. :)

Relax Max said...


(That was my special wavy word this time.)

Anonymous said...

Hey happy dad,
You're a real buzz kill

Sue said...

papercages - go ahead and say it, she deserves it.

jen - it was nice to be able to see the road wasn't it?

UR - maybe you just don't get my sarcastic wit ;-)

Prefers her fantasy life - we need to get her some hormone therapy

kirsten - she's been getting away with way too much lately

happy dad sick - I think anonymous is on to you

Relax Max - yaryal! Think of it as learning a new language

anonymous - is spamming a blog a source of flattery? Thanks for watching my back!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Whaaa! Mother Nature, you Ignorant Slut! Love it!

I am so dang sick of winter. I 've tried that trick with the window down, defrost, etc. too...sometimes it works and sometimes you have to dig the frost off! Arrgh!