Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And that's what we call dancin'

One brief moment of my weekend, five minutes tops, just innocently walking through the house with the TV on, because it always is, gave me irreversible brain damage.
And that's what we call dancin'.
Dear God it's stuck in there good.
Cocoon came on the television, you know that movie that lulled us into the warm, fuzzy, sunshine and lollypops feeling that aliens are nice? But we now know after watching Independence Day that they are going to blow us up eventually, unless a meteor destroys us first, 2012 I believe. Wait a minute.
And that's what we call dancin'.
The movie was in the beginning scenes, in the nursing home/retirement village. The diabetic, Quaker Oats man and Mortimer Duke were walking through the nursing home lobby, their was an old lady exercise class going on. And that's all it took to render me an idiot. That one line is deeply embedded into my brain, bouncing off brain cells and killing them. The usually stuff isn't working to remove the catchy tune. I'm slowly losing all logic and reason. Just this afternoon I said to myself, "Self? That song isn't in your head right now. Huh. What was it again?"
And that's what we call dancin'.


ReformingGeek said...

Sorry about that worm. I've had "Hot Child in the City" in my head all week!

Lunatron (aka Jamie) said...

So is the plan to bring the rest of us down with you? If so, it's working. Arrghhh!!

Sue said...

ReformingGeek - I think I'm might see how long I can keep it in my head now, I'm getting use to it.

Jamie - Great, my evil plan is working.

Candice said...


*fingers in ears*


Skye said...

I work with a girl named Sylvia, every time I see her the song "Sylvia's Mother" by Dr. Hook pops into my head and stays stuck there like a broken record all day long! The only respite I manage to get is when I get home and put on other music. Trouble is, the next day when I work with her again, it's ba-aa-ack!