Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My feet have to be comfortable.

"I need new shoes."
"These are 2 years old and have holes in them."
"I know I just bought you shoes."
"Those were for work, I need Converse All-Stars for Warp Tour. My feet have to be comfortable, there's a lot of walking."
"But I've been put on a spending freeze."
"I can pay for half."

The very last thing I want to do in the whole wide world is take this kid shopping. The word stubborn just doesn't come close to describing him. I remember wrestling him to the ground when he was 4 years old just to try a winter jacket on him. My mom stood as look out to make sure social services wasn't called. "It fits, it fits, let him up."

"Get in the car. We're going to Kohl's."
"I hate that store."
"'s. Get in the car honey."

We found his precious Converse All-Stars, "$40! They'll cost less at Famous Foot Wear."
"They cost the same there."
"Then let's buy them there, it's four stores down."

Four doors down at Famous Foot Wear the Converse All-Stars cost $44.99.
"Listen to me, we're going back to Kohl's, you're going to keep your mouth shut, try on a pair of shoes, wiggle your toes, walk around and then we will make our purchase. Or my darling precious baby boy #3, you will wear two year old shoes with holes in them."
"Do you need a hug mom?"


ReformingGeek said...

Bless you for being a mom!

No more growing!


DouglasDyer said...

Is there anything Kohl's can't do?

Skye said...

My third child, Becca, is horrible for shopping, she's such a girl! First she has to try on 100 different outfits that all look pretty much the same. Then she has to tell me she doesn't like any of it! So why try it all on if you don't like the way any of it looks to begin with? Sheesh! Finally she'll decide on something after having looked in a couple of different stores. We always end up going back to the same store and buying the very first thing she tried! After clothes are found, it's "Oh mom, I'll need shoes to match this!" To which I reply, "It's jeans and a t-shirt, any of your 20 pairs of flip-flops or any of your runners match! You don't need any other shoes!"

Needless to say, I don't take her shopping all that often. As a rule, she tells me she needs something and while she's over at a friends playing, I'll go get it and just give what I picked out to her when she get's home. She get's mad that she didn't get to go, tries it on, loves it, and then wears it till it's full of holes! She's going to make a man very unhappy with her need to shop one day!

Bee said...

My husband is exactly like that. We went to buy him work boots and really, how many styles are there? 3 hours later we walked out of the store with NOTHING!

If I’m at the store for 3 hours buying shoes, I come out with every shoe on display.

Nooter said...

could you get me a penny loafer while youre there? just one will do, thanks. yum...

Candice said...

I feel your pain.

Except my kids will try on stuff, get it home, and never wear it.

Kids are a pain in the ass.

Lunatron (aka Jamie) said...

Thank goodness my kids are still small enough to manipulate with a piece of gum.

Sue said...

Thank you ReformingGeek!

Doug - I love that store, I don't know what he has against it.

Skye - Maybe we should plan a pre-arranged marriage for the shopping pain in the ass couple.

Bee - I can buy a lot of shoes in 3 hours too. I would love to take a 3 hours shoe shopping trip.

Nooter - No problem, need a slipper too?

Candice - Yeah, I'm tired of feeding them and clothing them already.

Jamie - I never had such days with this kid.

Skye said...

Now there's an idea Sue, how old did you say he was again? Becca is 11, somehow I do believe that will work! :)

Sue said...

Skye - They can make each other miserable, it will work. Boy #3 is 17, so you have to let me know at what age you want to have her married off by and I will scare off any prospective daughter-in-laws until then.

Skye said...

Hmmm, how about in 8 years? She'll be 19 then and well, that's about the right age to kick her out of the house I think. I'd do it sooner, but well, people tend to frown on child brides :D