Monday, September 19, 2011

Next post, who the hell knows

There were a string of unfortunate circumstances that lead to the dog not getting her morning walk four days in a row. Which led to her unruly walk this morning. She doesn't understand "people problems" nor does she care to, it's all about her you know.
So I was ever so gently coaxed out of bed by the princess a half hour earlier than I would have liked. Actually I would have liked to get out of bed long enough to blow my nose, take a Tylenol Severe Sinus Pressure Caplet and drift of into an antihistamine induced sleep for the rest of the morning. But that was not to be. I did tell the dog while pointing to the window about the rain but she was relentless.
I got dressed, grabbed my phone, umbrella and the dreaded poop bag. It wasn't going to be a long walk but was sure to be eventful. Juggling a dog with pent up in the house to long issues and an umbrella was going to be a rude awakening, add a bag of poop and that's when the party begins.
I suppose it's her little way of trying to drag me out of my world of worry. You can't help but laugh at yourself as you walk down the street in the rain with the dog dragging you to an unknown destination, trying not to injure yourself with your umbrella as you take care of what she obviously has been saving up for me.
Next post, who the hell knows.


ReformingGeek said...

I hope she didn't splatter poop all over you. Ew.


Symdaddy said...

I have been there soooooooo many times.

Unfortunately, I am the only person in our house that ever gets out of bed before 8am (every day, even on days off) so dog walking always falls to me.

The fun always starts when, after collecting the poop, you realise that your poop-bag has a hole in it and you've been dropping the stuff on your shoes as you walk.

Sue said...

Carol - no poop splatter just turds.

Symdaddy - I always check the bag for holes and double bag because of an unfortunate incident that I don't want to talk about.